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Programme development consultations

We have extensive experience in leadership and management of CLIL programmes including in primary, lower secondary and upper secondary schools, and well as in universities. This work has been undertaken at the school, regional and/or national levels. It has included:

  • short and long-term results-based planning

  • educator professional development

  • curriculum development

  • building community support/stakeholder cooperation

  • public relations

  • CLIL programme evaluation in order to identify successful practices and development needs, and make recommendations.

Study visits


CLILedu offers study tours for educators. Study tours for educators have primarily focussed on Finland and Estonia – both countries have high-performing education systems.

Study visits have focussed on:

  • understanding of local context

  • identifying core characteristics of the teaching and learning environment

  • analysing contributors to success

  • analysing challenges, potential risks and future intentions/investments

  • meeting educators

  • observing and debriefing lessons and meetings.

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