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new: WELL-BEING IN TEACHING AND LEARNING 6 days in Piemonte, Italy, in cooperation with





Based on anonymous surveys, participants’ satisfaction rates average between 87–100%. Over 98% of participants state they would recommend the course to others.

Participants receive a substantial toolkit of high-impact practical strategies that support student learning in CLIL contexts. Our courses use highly interactive methods: we model best practices in CLIL. 

In addition, participants have an opportunity to reflect on and discuss ways of enhancing their own practices.
The working language is English. Materials are in English but participants have included people using other CLIL languages. When several participants share a language other than English, they are welcome to use that language in working with and supporting each other.

The course facilitators have hands-on experience in CLIL and in CLIL professional development. The primary course facilitator is the lead author of an award-winning book on CLIL, and has recently published CLIL Essentials for Secondary School Teachers (Cambridge University Press). When working with larger groups from a given region in the world, we draw in additional highly experienced experts in
CLIL. If you have a need for a tailor-made course, please feel free to contact us. Based on special requests we have in the past created special courses on CLIL at the primary, secondary and university levels.

Before purchasing your flight tickets and/or making any other binding travel arrangements, you need to know the course is confirmed - kindly contact the course organiser for this.

April 2024
Equity, Culture, Inclusion
Tallinn, Estonia, 8-12 April 2024
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May 2024
Outdoor CLIL
Oulu & Rovaniemi, Finland, 13-17 May 2024
Link to registrations 

Well-being in Teaching and Learning
Pinerolo, Italy, 20-25 May 2024 (6 days) 
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June 2024
Outdoor CLIL
Rovaniemi, Finland, 3-7 June 2024
Link to registrations

July 2024
Quality CLIL in Secondary / Vocational Education through a lens of Equity and Inclusion
Galway, Ireland, 1-5 July 2024
Link to registrations

August 2024
Outdoor CLIL
Rovaniemi, Finland, 19-23 August 2024
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September 2024

Estonia’s PISA Success Story Uncovered
Tallinn, Estonia, 9-13 September 2024
Link to registrations

October 2024

Equity, Culture, Inclusion
Oulu & Rovaniemi, Finland, 7-11 October 2024
Link to registrations

Student and Teacher Well-being & Equity and Inclusion in CLIL
Barcelona, Spain, 21-25  October 2024
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November 2024

Consolidating Good CLIL Practices
Rovaniemi, Finland, 4-8 November 2024
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December 2024
Assessment Essentials – Effective Assessment Strategies in CLIL
Tallinn, Estonia, 2-6 December 2024
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